Hello – welcome to my blog Bits and Pieces.

I am a wife to Geoff and mum to Ruby and Eloise.  We live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.  I believe in my husband and I get to laugh with him (and at him).  I feel extremely fortunate to be a mum – I was 36 and 38 when our girls were born.  It is my desire for our children to have empathy for others, and to say they had a childhood blessed with love and fun.

I have a wonderful mum, sister and brother (my dad died when I was 20, following a 10 year illness) and their children are like my own and I love them enormously. 

My life is rich with faith, family, friends and fun.  I am fortunate, blessed and grateful for the people in my world who have helped me navigate the trials and twists and turns of life.  They make me laugh, they challenge me and encourage me and I believe we are all each others teachers and encouragers.

It is my hope that you might be encouraged and you may get a little joy and laughter from my experiences.

Feel free to email me anytime.



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