Sibling Friendship

We often hear about ‘Sibling Rivalry’ but what about ‘Sibling Friendship’!  How do you help or encourage your children to like each other and to … Read More

Another Time to Enjoy

I thought I’d  continue on the same topic as last time – to enjoy every stage that your children are in.  So again I asked some … Read More

A Time to Enjoy

Three things happened this week to make me ponder.  Firstly, Eloise completed her HSC exams – no more children at school (some might think that would … Read More

Pasta with Vegetables

If you are looking for a way to serve vegetables to your children, this is a great recipe.  I used to make this every week … Read More

Believe in Your Children

I recently completed the Clever Cookie blogging eCourse and through this have been introduced to lots of  bloggers – there are certainly some very creative, interesting and … Read More

Be United

The other night we were all home together at 6pm – not as common these days with life being so full.  I must have been … Read More

What’s for Dinner

I’ve put together a couple of dishes that my family loves.  They are all easy to prepare.  As you are aware, I’m no photographer but … Read More

Home Alone

This last week was the first time Geoff and I have been home alone.  Eloise went to study camp for the HSC and Ruby popped … Read More