A Few Little Christmas Traditions

Oh my only a week to go until Christmas.  Yah I love this time of year.

We have a couple of family Christmas traditions which I would like to share.

Videoing the Decorating of the Tree:

I would put Bing Crosby on…..starting with my favourite song – the Little Drummer Boy and video away as we would decorate the tree.  I’d always start crying whenever I would start videoing remembering the fun times.  It really is embarrassing videoing something while you are sniffling and carrying on like a baby behind the camera.  Happens a lot!

Putting out the pillow slip:

This is one of my favourite memories from childhood which I’ve continued with our children.  We always put out a pillow slip.  In the days when we thought Santa was real, the joy of waking in the morning, realising it was Christmas and then the excitement of looking at the end of the bed and seeing a little sack full of goodies.  We were allowed to quietly open this bag when we were kids, even if it was 4am, and then fall back to sleep until daylight and then we would hit the big time presents under the tree (only with everyone present).

Our girls have been doing it forever, but this year I thought that the girls would be too old for this tradition to continue – no way, we’re not too old, they said.  Even if there are only a few things in the bag, they are still keen to continue (and why wouldn’t they you might say, when there are presents involved).

Here’s a few suggestions:  Nail polish, favourite chocolate, eyelash tint gift card, pedicure gift card, Sudoku puzzles, favourite magazine, nice soap, hand cream for handbag, pretty writing paper, pretty note books, Christmas gold chocolate coins, special tea cup, a gift card from dad or mum for one 15 minute shoulder/neck massage, those lollies that they have been pestering you for all year (ours was always Jelly Beans from the Chemist – and yes I’ve put them in this year).   Ofcourse these are heavily biased for girls, I have trouble knowing what presents to buy my gorgeous nephews.

Christmas Tree Decorations:

Each year I bought the girls (they would choose) a Christmas tree decoration.  The idea is that when they leave home they would take them for their own tree to bring back memories.  One of the girls reckons she probably wouldn’t use them as tastes change, but I so know they will be used somewhere – or else she will put them out whenever I visit (like the unwanted present hahaha).

Christmas Cards:

If your kids are old enough to be babysitting, why not send the children they babysit a Christmas card.  Just for them and addressed just to them.

That’s all I can think of at the moment.   If you have any traditions you would like to share I would love to hear from you.  And I would love to share them.

I’ll be back before Christmas but until then have a wonderful week.

Love Chris ♥


4 Comments on “A Few Little Christmas Traditions”

  1. Merry Christmas to you Chris, Geoff, Ruby, Eloise and of course Mitchie.

    Thank you all for making us a part of your lives. We are always honoured and grateful.


    1. Thanks Nelson. I really appreciate your comments and encouragement as always. Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas season. Love Chris xx

  2. This is so lovely and FUN! Thank you for your Christmas card by the way.
    I’m not that organised!
    Hope Ruby is doing well,
    Luv The Davys!

    1. Hey Tara. Thanks for your comment. Ruby is doing much better this week. Love to you all for a fabulous Christmas, the kids must be getting so so so excited. Love Chris xx

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