Change – First and Last Day of School

Graduation Day

Graduation Day

Eloise graduated from High School this week – which means our family’s school days are over after 15 years.  Everyone tells me it’s a happy time, so why am I so sad?  After her formal on Friday night, which Geoff and I attended, I cried just about all the way home.  The Year 12 students went off to a party and even though I was really happy to see them all leave on a “party bus” to a friend’s home to celebrate their new found freedom, I was dreadfully miserable.  Get a grip, I told myself.

So I’ve worked it out – for 15 of the last 18 years we always went away the first Sunday of the holidays (that would be today in any other year) to sunny Queensland for our annual holiday.  I’m not sad about her leaving school, I’m sad because I’ve missed out on our family holiday.  So I sit here alone (OK not alone as Geoff is working in the garden), while Eloise has left for study camp for a week and Ruby is heading off to Melbourne tomorrow for a week with some girlfriends.  Bliss, you might say, a week alone in the home (Geoff still is at work).  But again, I’m missing my family holiday.  So really it’s not about the change or transition of my children from school student to young adult, it’s about the fact that the long tradition of family holidays at this time of year has ceased.  My mum always says how she used to love going on our family holidays and misses those days.  Why? I used to think – we all piled into Uncle John’s car (7 of us), no seat belts and headed to Queensland – 14 hours of non-stop chatter between my mum and Nanna.  BUT the memories and fun of those days are some of my favourites.

So I’m missing the chance to be with Geoff and the girls and family time.  Even though it takes effort to pack, especially when you do it all for the children, getting in the car and taking off – it is well worth it.  I actually use to wake the girls with the song “We’re all going on a Summer Holiday” by Cliff Richard played very loudly, this was the holiday alarm clock.  Wherever you are in your family’s journey, please take time to go on holidays.  You won’t regret the time, money and effort.

Happy Holidays in 2005

Happy Holidays in 2005

Enjoy the school holidays.

Love Chris xx

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  1. That’s beautifully sad Chris. I am not an envious or jealous person, never have been. I encourage and praise the achievements others accomplish. Family holidays are something I always lament we never had together. My parents always worked. Weekends, holidays most times. Mum made the effort to take me mostly, on day trips but we never had a family holiday all four of us.

    Cherish the memories you have with the girls. Continue to encourage theirown wingspan and wait for their return. They always return to mum’s nest.

  2. Beautiful Chris ! Yes those family holidays are wonderful memories !!! ! Knowing your girls though… there will still be holidays with their fun loving Mum and Dad in the future ! New adventures to be had !!! Yep transition always involves our emotions …we’re only human ! Love Jules xxxx

    1. Thanks Jules – yes you’ve been through it all yourself as has any other parent with grown up kids. I’ve just got to get on with it haha. xxxx

  3. Thanks I soooo hear you Chris I am doing the same! You are beautiful, kind and honest! Your girls will always be comming back to you. Lots of love and hugs xxxxxx

    1. Oh Lou how are you feeling with Joz away for six months. Lots of cuddles for the other lovely ones I bet. I appreciate your lovely comments. Much love xxxx

  4. Hi Chris, I thought of you when I saw your instagrams, that you might be feeling sad about all of this!
    Look ahead to more holidays, I’ll give you a tip, all you have to do to get your adult children to come on holiday with you is pay for it! When Tim and I were 26, my parents paid our airfare to go to Disneyland with them, it was great. Next month my Mum turns 60 and she wants to take us all to the Fairmont in Leura for the weekend- we can’t wait!
    Anyway, I feel like crying when I think of Asher starting school in January, I’m sure I’ll lose it when she finishes school for good in 12 years time, I never want to let her go!!!! Hope you’re ok!

    1. Thanks beautiful Tara. I’ll be around when Asher leaves your side next year. Our school gave the mums tissues, a tea bag and chocolate when the girls started kindy. I couldn’t handle it yesterday, so booked a sneaky week on the Gold Coast in November between HSC and schoolies, and yes we are paying (frequent flyer points do the trick). Out of school holidays so wasn’t much more for two rooms. Feeling much better now hahaha. Enjoy Leura – beautiful. Love xxxx

  5. Hi Chris,
    I love this post….can totally relate……the making of memories on holidays has been one of my most cherished parts of being a mum. We are in a similar position, having spent the last 2 holidays without our eldest, as he had to work. Next January will be the same. BUT…what I am soooo looking forward to is the time when we all go away together again…..and that does happen…..even though they will be adults, and maybe even have girlfriends/wives/kiddies??? in tow with them !! We are already saving for those days 🙂

    1. Lovely to hear from you Jude. Oh I agree, I’m also looking forward to the whole family being together. I’m so glad we took lots of photos and videos – refreshes my memory of the fun times we had and makes me appreciate them all the more. Love xxxx

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