A Mother’s Day Letter

A couple of weeks ago when visiting my mum, she was looking at some letters I had written to her. There was one that I had given her with my Mother’s Day card four years ago. My mum was and is a really wonderful mum. She surrounded us with unconditional love growing up (my brother says I spent my teenage years bickering with mum – I may have been a bit feisty). My dad was diagnosed with a degenerative brain tumour when mum was 33 and he was only 40 (I was 10). My parents grew up 4 doors apart, and mum says she fell in love with dad when she was 12. She still kept our family together with the help of my Nanna (Ruby Jewell) and my Uncle John (they lived a km away). Even with dad’s illness and disability always present in our home, mum always put her children first (after attending to dad of course). She nursed and loved him for 10 long years (the last 4 while he was in a nursing home during the week and totally wheelchair bound).

I would like to share the letter with you and hope that it might encourage you to write a letter to your mum this Mother’s Day.

Darling Mum

On reflecting what to write to you on Mothers’ Day, I think of your six grandchildren – how beautiful, well-adjusted, caring young people they all are. I give you credit for these lovely children.

I think I am a good mum and this is because I draw on your mother’s love and my memories and experiences of how you were (and are) a caring and a wonderful mother to us. So, mum, the heritage you leave as a mum and nanna is priceless and cannot be valued. I cannot express to you how often I think about all the little things you did for us as we grew up and I can only try and copy that in my own mothering.

Thank you mum for teaching, showing and demonstrating to me how to be a mum and for being my role-model. I Love You.

Thank you for letting me share that with you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you outstanding, delightful, magnificent mums. Make sure you take lots of photos of the lovely presents your kids will make for you at school and kindy.

x Chris

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  1. Thank you Chris for sharing your Mother’s Day blog. It’s was personal and vulnerable of you to share your heart about your Mum and Dad. You went through a lot in your teenage years that most people don’t know.. You are a great Mum and it was encouraging to us all about the importance of Motherhood.

  2. Thanks darling Jen. I should add that I have some great friends who are also great mums who have helped me over the years with terrific advice. And you are certainly one of them xx

  3. I loved reading your mothers day letter, and hearing your story. It makes sense that you are a fantastic Mum because you had one!, and how much you value ” family”. I lost my mother a few years back so today is bittersweet. I still talk to her often. My mum kept all of my handmade cards that I gave her on special occasions. She kept them in a box that I now have. I show my girls how special they were to her and me. I add the cards that my girls make for me now. Great memories!

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