Backyard Camping

If you’re looking for way to keep your children happy – put a tent up in the backyard.  We as adults can’t fathom the fun that can be had just by this simple adventure.

I just saw this photo on my friend’s Simone’s Instagram and just thought back to the fun times our girls had.  They used to do it all the time, and often with their friends along as well.  We would give them torches, camping mattresses, lots and lots of pillows, cushions, blankets and of course midnight treats.  A little bit of chocolate doesn’t hurt too much, does it?

There is a huge amount of effort to get this adventure going – all hands on deck.  You might plan to do just one night, as Simone’s family did, but after all the effort, her husband Sam and their boys Eden and Pip stayed out for two nights.

If our girls were old enough or happy to be on their own, we would leave our mobile phone with them in case they were feeling a little unsure.  Just be aware you could have some very tired and cranky children the next day.

Happy campers, happy family!!

Happy Easter Sunday.  It’s the only day of the year when you can wake up, have a cup of tea and chocolate for breakfast and not feel guilty (well maybe a little).  Oh the pleasurable first bite into the Red Tulip Bunny’s ear!!

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