Bring out the best in your marriage



Be the encourager in your relationship:

I am more myself with you than with anyone else.

You challenge me to be a better person, you make me feel safe.

Thank you for being the best you can be and for making our life work.

And:   Don’t keep bringing up his/her past wrongs ( things they have done that don’t please you).

7 Comments on “Bring out the best in your marriage”

  1. Gorgeous wedding photo! Great advice – we have to be our husband’s greatest cheerleader. You are a great wife Chris and really live what you have posted.

  2. Oh, I thought your were having a Charlie Brown moment and talking about Mitchie moo! You meant Geoff. Yeah I can see that. Now retread what you read and think of the Mitch, you’ll see what I mean.

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