Questions for your pre-schooler #1


When you ask these questions try and video their answers or write them down.  They will love looking back at them when they are older.

* How did you get to be so handsome/pretty?

* What makes a ball bounce?

* Why does Dad/Mum go to work?

* What does a sad, happy, angry, excited, afraid, mean face look like?

* If you could only keep one of your toys/books, which one would you keep? Why?

*  How can you make Mum/Dad smile?

*  How do you feel when it rains and thunders outside?

2 Comments on “Questions for your pre-schooler #1”

  1. Your photos and post are making me miss having a cute pre-schooler – such a precious time of life. Bring on the grandchildren! Haha.

    1. Ha thanks Sheralyn. Someone told me we come to a certain age and God blesses us with Grandchildren. I’m sure that is so we can appreciate the joy and wonder of babies/children a second time around. So much to look forward to. xxxx

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