Values to Teach

It is sometimes a challenge for the modern day parents to teach the age old values in an increasing and relevant way. Perhaps you could highlight one of these on your family notice board each week.

* Kind words cost little but accomplish much

* Work is its own reward

* Brothers and sisters are the best allies in times of trouble

* To have friends, you must first be one

* A soft answer turns away anger, but harsh words cause quarrels

* Honesty is the best policy

* Attitude is a choice – choose to be positive

* Pride comes before a fall

Talk about them with your little ones, ask them what they mean to them. Maybe something happened today where these sayings could be applied?

I think they are relevant no matter what age you are. Let me demonstrate the last one – Pride comes before a fall.

When Ruby was in Kindy, at the athletics carnival they have a Kindy mums’ race, where you piggy back your child. Now I considered myself quite the runner so I grabbed Ruby, I’m not sure she was that keen, headed to the starting line and sized up my competition. Easy, I’ve got this one in the bag, I thought. Stand aside ladies, here I come. Well in front of the whole school on the oval, just 10 metres from the finishing line I was out in front and loving it, when I tripped and Ruby and I went splattering to the ground. How embarrassing. I picked up my crying kindy kid and finished the race -last!! My friends enjoyed every moment – and one of them pointed out “Well Chris, you know what they say – Pride comes before a fall!!”

The above info came from a parenting magazine from New Zealand I used to subscribe to. I loved it. You can find it at

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