Be United

The other night we were all home together at 6pm – not as common these days with life being so full.  I must have been having a Happy Hormone Moment because I felt to tell Geoff how much I loved him, appreciate all that he does for our family and what a great person he is.  I said it in front of the girls.  They didn’t comment but I knew they love hearing this and it reconfirms our strong family and the bond we have together.

That made me reflect yet again (I seem to be doing a lot of reflecting these days) about the importance of being united as a couple.  Below are a few thoughts about being united:

  • It’s important to visibly show your children that you love each other.  We used to kiss in front of them when they were younger (usually to annoy them) and they of course used to gag and say “go away”, but it creates an environment of security.  Also, if they know that Geoff and I are on the same side, they won’t be able to try and get their way with us individually.
  • Be united as parents means discussing with each other what’s going on with your children, sharing issues that might be coming up.
  • Communicate as a family, particularly over the dinner table.  It creates opportunities not just to hear from your children but also from your partner.
  • Sometimes you need to work as a tag team.  We all get tired from parenting, so it’s important to watch out for each other and step in if your partner needs a break.  We used to take turns looking after the girls when we were on holidays, if the other just needed an hour to themselves (to read a book uninterrupted – bliss).
  • Be in agreement on boundaries in the home.  For example – no name calling, listen to each other, mobiles off at the dinner table, be polite to each other.  Being together on this brings consistency to the home which contributes to a calmer atmosphere.

You are not always going to agree with each other.  But learn how to resolve your differences in a peaceful, friendly, mature way.  Ofcourse we argue, like any married couple –  but I’d like to think of it as heated discussions.  I read some of the above in a parenting magazine

Anyway, I hope this helps in navigating your way through this fun, challenging thing called parenting.

Enjoy your weekend.  If you have a child doing the HSC which starts this Monday, as we do, please wish them well and I hope their mind is clear and they have peace.

Love Chris xx


8 Comments on “Be United”

  1. Always a good read Chris, your knowledge is worth it’s weight in Gold.

    Unfortunately it’s too late to put this into practice for me my Children are grown up. But I’ll keep it in mind for the next one!

    Rumor mill goes out of control and catches on fire…. Bahahaha

    1. Thanks beautiful Lou. You should be writing about your wonderful experiences living where you do!! Miss you xx

    1. Thanks Tess, you have so much to look forward to. Even though it is sometimes challenging – your future makes me smile thinking about your gorgeous family!! xx

  2. My darling Christine, i am so proud of you & your lovely family , would be so great if every family would grow up & have the close relationship that you have with your beautiful girls & great husband Geoff . Your ever loving mum . xxxxx

    1. Darling mum, you are so gorgeous commenting. Thank you for your lovely words – over the years I’ve just watched how you do life and the fact that your own children are so close. Love you xxxx

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