Believe in Your Children

I recently completed the Clever Cookie blogging eCourse and through this have been introduced to lots of  bloggers – there are certainly some very creative, interesting and talented people out there.  One of the lovely ladies asked me to comment about parenting as a guest on her blog.  Her name is Ellen Jackson and I’d love you to have a look at her blog and check out what I have to say now that our girls are young adults.  Also Ellen has some great stuff to read and has put on the link to a video of one of the funniest takes on parenting by a comedian that I’ve ever seen.

There was something that I left out on my thoughts on parenting.  That is BELIEVING in your children.

I believe in my girls.  But there was one particular time when I nearly failed to do this.  When Ruby was 11 she asked if she could have singing lessons.  I immediately thought (but happy to say didn’t voice this opinion) ‘Why would you want singing lessons, you can’t sing!!’  But because we wanted to encourage our kids in all things musical (given that Geoff and I don’t have any musical ability), I said “Darling, of course you can have singing lessons”.  Well you would have every reason to be laughing at me right now – if you know Ruby you would know that she released her first EP in June and also is the voice on the Volkswagen advertisement.  What did I know!!  Also in Year 11 Ruby came home saying she might try for School Captain.  I thought – but you’ve never spoken about that before and I had some doubts (yikes), but I encouraged her to give it a go, she would be a great school captain.  Yep, you guessed it she was a great School Captain.

Same with Eloise, if ever she came home wondering if she should do any activity our response would always be – yes you can do it.  You can do anything.  This wasn’t implied to say they were better than anyone else, we just tried to bring out the best in them.  Eloise is sitting her HSC at the moment – now there is a testing (excuse the pun) time.  I’ve been saying all year, “Honey, do the best you can, we believe in you”.

It covers all areas from learning to play tennis, giving a talk in front of the class, even going to pre-school.  I’d often encourage them when they were little and they felt uneasy about going to pre-school by saying “You are going to have a great day, you are a great friend, I believe in you”.

My mum has always believed in me – still does.  I tried snow skiing quite a few years ago and really struggled.  I told mum how I couldn’t believe how hard it was and I’m so bad at it – she just replied “Darling, you are good at any sport, I can’t believe you are having trouble skiing”.  So last time we were at the snow those words came to mind and I thought “I’m going to do this, even with aching knees and no style whatsoever”.  Another time I met a very prominent and influential person, I said to my mum “Well you wouldn’t believe who I met?” and her response “Well I have no doubt you would meet someone like that darling – you are a very lovely person”.  I can’t tell you how great that made me feel.

So no matter how old your children are I encourage you to let  them know how much you believe in them!

Have a lovely weekend.

Love Chris

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5 Comments on “Believe in Your Children”

  1. Thank you for another great blog.

    It’s only ourselves that put limitations on our abilities. But reality is we can do anything!

    1. You are absolutely right Nelson. Nice to have someone in your corner though. Have a wonderful day xx

  2. Yes absolutely.

    The discouraging thoughts or comments of those we admire hamper our ability to go forth and do anything we desire.

    Encouragement from parents is extremely important. The fears of our parents cam be hampering.

    Keep writing Chris, we need and love it.

  3. Such a lovely blog post and powerful reminder for parents to actually remember to say these things to our kids, not just assume they know them.
    I will be making sure to tell my daughter tomorrow that I believe in her

    1. Thanks Michelle for having a read. I’m always still being reminded to say things my girls (or to not say things they I want to say haha). We are our children’s biggest fans. I love that. Enjoy your day. X Chris PS See you Saturday!

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