Father’s Day


I’m away on Father’s Day…that’s never happened before and it’s been 3 years since I’ve been away from Geoff and the girls at the same time. Oh well, skiing with my girlfriends  beckoned. I know that Geoff will be looked after in a loving and caring way. When the girls found out I wouldn’t be here, they immediately went into planning the day mode – I think it is a wonderful opportunity for them to “take-over” the home, the kitchen and hopefully the cleaning up.

I’ve asked them to let me know what makes their father a good dad.  This is what they said.

Dad is always willing to hangout and have a chat.  He encourages me in all my ideas and dreams even if they seem a bit crazy.  Dad is always generous in time, money, encouragement and wisdom.  He is always excited to see us when he gets home from work – he may have had the worst day, but he is still happy to see us.  He is generous and loving.  I love how close we are and that I can tell him anything and he has great advice. He is hilarious, easy going – the best dad and friend.

That sums up their dad!

I didn’t have a dad around, as he  became unwell when I was 10.  So I don’t have a great deal of experience with having a dad or, as it happens, being a dad.  The closest thing I have is watching Geoff with our children.   You don’t have to be perfect or brilliant to give your children a great start.  There is room for imperfections and mistakes, but your children will know if you think they are special. I read the following in a magazine, which I hope you enjoy reading and sharing with the man in your life, who has the extraordinary role of being a dad.

Tips for Dads:

  • Stay Calm – Try to take something positive out of every new experience your kids introduce you to.
  • Be silly once a day – If it’s not your job description to have fun with your children, then it’s time to rewrite it!
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously – character matters more than reputation, you might lose face occasionally, but modelling character means being willing to apologise, being honest about mistakes, forgiving other people for their mistakes, and moving on.
  • Honour their mother – This teaches your children an important lesson in life about respect.  Presenting a united front on boundaries, discipline and priorities will make your children feel more secure.
  • Celebrate their differences – Each of your children is different – try to spend time with them individually, and don’t compare them with each other.  Each child is unique.

Happy Father’s Day to the dads of the world.  What a special place you have in your children’s lives.  Have a wonderful, fun-filled day.  I’m smiling just thinking about how special it must be to be a dad!

Love Chris xx


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  1. Just read your latest blog sweetie and had to write a comment, I am very grateful to have my family, having mucked around, made plenty of mistakes and walked down the wrong path, there was a time I really thought I would never find a soul mate and fall in love – who would have thought that church would be the place where things fell into place – so grateful to have met and married you – to be a Husband and Father is a privilege that carries responsibility – it stretches you, challenges you and requires you to grow up and grow in capacity. I have you and our beautiful girls to thank for that – I am a very blessed man.

  2. Oh Chris….beautiful piece of writing…. So glad you are enjoying the slopes…your beautiful girls have had a wonderful start to Fathers Day weekend (saw them Fri night). What a precious time to see Geoff watching Eloise be water baptised while Ruby was on Worship team. Proud dad….You’ve taught your girls well..Geoff will have a wonderful Fathers Day…and I just bet the kitchen will be clean when you arrive home…xxxx

    1. Thanks beautiful Sandy for your lovely words of encouragement. He will have a wonderful day – I’m sure. Xxxx

  3. Hi Chris, I loved reading your blog, Geoff is a great dad, husband and friend.
    Dads are precious and you have honored Geoff beautifully .
    It does change as our kids get older and take responsibility for blessing them on Fathers Day, I know you have set a great example and your girls will make him feel very special.
    We miss you

    1. Oh thanks darling Jen. I’m writing this overlooking Perisher and I’m packed and about to head home. You’ve just made me cry. Miss you too. Skiing next year together for sure xxxx

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