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Hi everyone.  I’m pleased to announce that I have relaunched my Blog – Bits and Pieces.  It still contains all my old posts, but with a beautiful design.  I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Sarah Rosborg of Castle Design (www.castledesign.com.au).  Sarah has given me so much support and help and she was extremely patient with all my questions and requests.  I think you will agree Sarah has done a magnificent job – how cute is the Bits and Pieces logo (the anchor was my idea!!).   I would love to know what you think and I look forward to putting some posts up.  As usual, I’ve got lots to say.

Love Chris xxxx

8 Comments on “Welcome to Bits and Pieces”

  1. Glad you’re back, in a literary sense. Your fans missed you, you might the no that’s a typical Col45t comment but the truth is, we did miss reading about you and learning from you.

    It life and spiritual nourishment comes from many sources and this vein was dry.

    Thank you

  2. Oooh my, am I the first to comment on the gorgeous new site?
    Congrats to you (and Ruby May) looks like there’s a lot launching in the Cooper household lately.

    1. Thank for having a look. I love you reading your blog – it looks so professional, why the change? As always it’s always lovely seeing you and learning about what’s going on in your wonderful family. You are always entertaining. xxxx

  3. Fantastic website Chris… did you know that you can create a link so that when people type in your old website, it will take them to the new one! You web designer should be able to do it for you! Liz x

    1. Thanks Liz for your encouragement. I just went over to my old site and posted a comment saying I’ve relaunched my blog and put in the new address. Hopefully, this will do the trick. x Chris xxxx

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