Jane’s At It Again

The other day we were having coffee and my funny friend Jane says “You’ll never guess what happened to me the other day”. We laughingly said “No darling, we’ll never guess, tell us what happened”. This is how the story goes.

Jane jumped into her daughter’s car, a black snazzy Honda Jazz to go and grab a coffee. Managing to park directly outside the coffee shop she had a little chat with the barista and returned to the car with her coffee.

Happy days until for no reason Jane was unable to get the key into the ignition after several attempts, she then started to panic and that her daughter had been sold a dud car! Suddenly a rather harassed frantic lady started to knock at the window of the car. ‘Geez what now’ thought Jane and impatiently said “Yes can I help you?” To which the lady responded “Excuse me but can I have my car back!”


On closer inspection Jane realised that in fact she wasn’t sitting in a black Honda Jazz but a light grey Golf Volkswagen car – Clung!!!!!!!!

The poor lady was in a shop next to the coffee shop and by chance glanced out to see Jane in her car and, thinking that she was being carjacked, shouted loudly
“That woman is stealing my car”!!

All ended well but I’m sure the lady will in the future be remembering to use her central locking!!

I hope you get to have a giggle out of this story as much as we did.

Have an enjoyable weekend.

Love Chris xx

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