Saying Good-Night

Today is the last day that I can say “I have two teenage daughters”. Tomorrow 15th May, Miss Ruby turns 20. In my mind she is still 3. I can still recall when she was 2 or 3 years old, standing with hands on hips, facing Geoff (after he had obviously done something that was displeasing to her) and saying “I’m berry, berry upset with you dad, I’m berry, berry cranky”. How time flies when you’re having fun. Happy Birthday my darling Ruby. Love You xxxx


Some Thoughts:

We all know that it is important to tuck your little ones in at night. Something that starts whilst your children are young can continue into their teenage years.

When I was a little girl my mum always said “Good night darling, God bless you, sweet dreams, I love you”. I carried this saying over to my children, and I don’t think a night has gone by without me saying it to them. Even if they are going on camp or staying over at someone’s home, I always let them know that around the time they would be going to sleep, just imagine me saying that goodnight phrase.

There were days when they were young, I was pushed to my limit with a demanding, cranky, whiney child and all I wanted to do was run away. But at the end of the day, when they are smelling oh so sweet and looking for that extra bit of love – make a decision to give them that extra cuddle.

When the girls were younger, I was walking upstairs to get ready for bed. I had already kissed and said goodnight, and Geoff was saying his final goodnight. Eloise called out, “Mum, can I have another cuddle?” Groan – all I wanted to do was keep walking and get ready for bed, but I knew that one day I wouldn’t be having my daughters asking for another cuddle.

Geoff has always been the main story teller in our home. He has also given the girls back rubs or head rubs to help them sleep. The lovely thing is our 17 year old still calls out “Dad, when are you going to tuck me in?”. That often translates to a neck massage. He is a great Dad. It also means more conversation, which leads to a better relationship.

On reflecting, sometimes on a Saturday night, when the girls are out at friends’ places (driving themselves now) I often think around 8 o’clock – I wish they were here right now snuggled on the lounge in their winter pyjamas, and we were all watching a kid’s movie together. It’s hard to let go. So I encourage you that no matter how tired you are, take as much time as is needed to tuck them in and say goodnight.

Some ways to let your kids know you love them:

* Make them breakfast in bed

* Leave a little note in their lunch box saying how great they are and how much you love them

* Have a candlelight dinner

* Go for a bike ride together

* Play cards and board games with them (our favourite at the moment is Rummikub)

Have a fun week everyone.

X Chris

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