Table Manners

Teach your children table manners.  Here are a few ideas:

  • How to use their knife and fork properly.
  • Wait for everyone to be served before they start eating their meal (especially the cook).
  • Chew their food with their mouth closed.
  • If dining at a restaurant, when the meal is finished, place the knife and fork in the middle of the plate to let the waiter/waitress know you have finished.
  • I always encourage our girls to take their plate to the sink when the meal is over.

You never know who your children will dine with one day!!

3 Comments on “Table Manners”

  1. So true Chris – we must prepare them to dine with kings! I wonder how many families still sit around the dinner table these days. I love the power of the dinner table – chats, connection time.

  2. Love your blog Chris. Love the questions, the pictures, the ideas. You and your gorgeous family are wonderful role models. I look forward to many more posts! X

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