Watching Sunrises

Daylight saving is coming to an end this weekend in NSW.  I love daylight saving over the summer, actually I just love summer and all it has to offer.  So this Saturday (or Friday) is the perfect time to watch the sun rise as it will be the latest time in the year.  Even today’s first light was 6:42am and sunrise was 7:07am.  Before you know it we will have accustomed ourselves to the new time and we won’t feel like dragging ourselves out of bed.

We have done it numerous times and you can see by the photos (the first one being 2004) that we have been doing it for years.  The kids were usually awake at 6:30am anyway when they were young, so we would grab some blankets, organise the clothes the night before and most times even do a sneaky trip to McDonalds for takeaway pancakes or whatever.  We’ve had a few disappointments when it has been overcast or raining, so have just stayed home and had breakfast in bed (again something special).  We are lucky to live close to the beach so we’ve seen some magnificent sunrises – I think they are best when there is some cloud.  I’m sure where you live there is somewhere high enough or with a vista to see the sun rise.

Mona Vale 2005

Mona Vale 2005

For us it’s always about creating memories and doing something “out of the ordinary”.  It’s not like we jump out of bed every morning to see the sunrise, but it has created a desire in our girls to appreciate the sunrise.  Just last year I woke and was checking out my Instagram and came across a fantastic sunrise – to my delight and surprise it was one of the girls.  She had woken early and peaked out the window and the sky was bright pink, that was enough for her to jump in the car to go and watch the sun come up over the ocean.  She said she didn’t want to disturb us – I don’t have a problem with that and I continued to snuggle in bed (that’s a good reason to follow your kids on social media – it allows you to keep track of them haha).

Mona Vale

Mona Vale

I’ve included a photo of a sunrise at Gerroa on the South Coast – one our favourite places.  This was taken in July – the air is so crisp and clear in winter.


So if you decide to head out at 6:30am or even earlier to catch the last snippets of summer please let me know.  Your kids will love it just for the pure adventure and eating breakfast outdoors (even if it is McDonalds – go on twist their arms, I’m sure you could convince them have to have McDonalds for breakfast).

Enjoy the Easter break and the school holidays.

Love Chris ♥



8 Comments on “Watching Sunrises”

  1. Did just that this morning lovely Chris ! I stood at the top of long reef headland hill and watched the day wake up and the sun burst through the horizon. It was magical xx

    1. What a beautiful place to watch it Kath. And today was such a perfect day, still a little warm. What a great way to start you day. Happy Easter to you, Chris and your boys. Love Chris xx

  2. We don’t have daylight savings here in Queensland… which is a bit of a pain actually, but what can you do??? I must say while I really enjoy a good sunrise… I think sunsets suit the music in me much better LOL! to be honest the only sunrises I have seen are the ones where I have stayed up all night then gone to bed! But still they are amazing! Thanks for sharing! Liz xx

    1. Hi Liz. You are funny. Yes I have seen some magnificent sunsets in Queensland. It’s been pouring with rain the last couple of days so couldn’t take advantage of any sunrises…..oh well. But the skies have cleared and its glorious today. Have a happy Easter. X Chris xx

    1. Haha Sammie you are funny – yes I had an eggcellent Easter, now I just need to cycle all that chocolate off. Enjoy your week. x Chris

  3. I love to get up and catch a sunrise! Even better if I can share it with the kids who are hard to get up in the morning these days! Such a positive and great way to start the day. Love your idea of getting them up to see one together. Will try to pick a morning these school holidays while the daylight savings has just started! xx

    1. Hi Nike – nice to hear from you, thanks for your comment. Yes, now is the time and hopefully the rain will cease so the sun can “shine” through. Hope you enjoy the school holidays and hopefully you will get a break. Will pop in to your shop in the next couple of weeks as we will be in the city. Eloise has just left wearing my favourite top that I bought two years ago haha. Love Chris xx

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