What Was I Thinking?

I’m going through our photo albums and scanning the photos into my computer. I’m up to March 1995, yes a very long process, plus I keep getting distracted by all the memories.

Occasionally I come across some doozies (is that even a word?). What the heck was I thinking dressing myself and Ruby in the same clothes. Oh I didn’t stop there……quite a few years later I’m at it again with Eloise. Thanks to my darling friend Jen T for having those Sam Wiggle parties all those years ago.

Matching Outfits

Did I think this looked good?

Then I’ve found a few photos where I just didn’t seem to know when to stop with the high pony-tail on top of the head. Adding to this I dressed up Eloise in a beautiful dress (that my mum made) but then expected her to attend Ruby’s 5th birthday party at the local kindygym. This would have been really restrictive for the little darling, especially as she was the most active kid around. And trying to jump around the place with a dress that was down to her feet, impossible!

Again, what was I thinking.


Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who did this sort of thing……..please!!

Enjoy your weekend.

Love Chris xxxx

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