Ruby May – EP Launch

Last night our daughter Ruby (Ruby May) launched her first EP, Wanderer. It was one of the most memorable and happy nights of my life and I’m sure Geoff’s as well. There are so many stages of children’s lives, from their first steps, toddler years, middle years, teenage years. Our girls are very different people, yet I love them equally. I have done my very best in helping them, guiding them, “parenting” them, alongside with Geoff. Over the years I often didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but I tried to love them unconditionally and encourage and support them whenever it was needed.


Well, last night as I watched Ruby and the incredibly talented band supporting her, I was enthralled and a little mesmerised that my gorgeous, strong-willed (very), loving, funny, empathetic, fun young lady could be performing her own songs. Ruby pulled the whole night together, organised the recording with the help of her fantastic producer, the practices, the printing of the CD’s, organising the venue and much more. Oh my Ruby has worked so hard to put this together.

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So I would like to encourage any of you who are mums or dads of little ones, that your efforts of love (and discipline) will be richly rewarded, which I’m sure they are now. The only disappointing thing about last night was that Eloise wasn’t permitted to attend as she wasn’t 18, but texts, photos and her heart was there with her older sister and they haven’t stopped talking about the night.

I’m about to cry because as I’m typing this I’m listening to her music which I’ve downloaded from the CD onto my computer.

You can listen and buy Ruby’s EP Wanderer HERE

Love Chris xx

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